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  • Palladium .950 £16.49 per gram
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Prices Updated: 22/05/2024

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Sell Your Palladium to Northern Gold & Silver – Your Trusted Palladium Buyer

Northern Gold & Silver is a reputable and trusted palladium buyer in Rochdale, UK. Offering both online and in-store services, we provide a seamless and convenient platform for you to trade your palladium for cash.

Get the Best Palladium Prices for Your Scrap

At Northern Gold & Silver, we ensure that you get the most competitive prices for your scrap palladium. We understand the value of your precious metals and are committed to offering the best rates in the market.

Easy and Secure Online Process

Selling your palladium online has never been easier! Our secure online process ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction. You can request a free seller pack with a secure pre-paid envelope and easy-to-follow instructions to dispatch your items safely to us.

Sell In-Person and Get a Fast Payout

If you prefer an in-person transaction, our Rochdale store is ready to serve you. Come in and sell your palladium for cash directly with one of our experts at Northern Gold & Silver. Experience our fast and efficient service firsthand.

Why Choose Northern Gold & Silver?

With transparent pricing and excellent customer service, Northern Gold & Silver stands out as the best choice for selling your palladium. We accept a wide range of palladium items, giving you more opportunities to get the cash you deserve.

Palladium Purity

Carat% of Pure Palladium

This table helps you determine the purity and value of your palladium based on its carat.

Types of Palladium Accepted

We accept all types of palladium – be it broken jewellery, palladium coins, or dental palladium. Our experts will assess your items and offer you a price based on the current palladium market rate.

Take the first step towards trading your palladium for cash today! Contact Northern Gold & Silver, your trusted palladium buyer in Rochdale, UK.

How It Works

Mail-In or Walk-In

Post your palladium to us or drop by our store.

In-Store Assessment

We conduct a thorough examination and assay of your palladium right on our premises.

Our Offer

We propose a fair price for your items.

Full Payment

Agree to our offer and receive an immediate cash payout!

Current Scrap Prices

Updated: 22/05/2024
  • 9ct Scrap Gold – £20.58 per gram
  • 14ct Scrap Gold – £32.00 per gram
  • 15ct Scrap Gold – £34.31 per gram
  • 18ct Scrap Gold – £41.17 per gram
  • 21ct Scrap Gold – £48.03 per gram
  • 22ct Scrap Gold – £50.32 per gram
  • 24ct Scrap Gold – £54.89 per gram
  • Rolled Gold – £0.25 per gram
  • Silver .999 – £0.44 per gram
  • Silver .925 – £0.40 per gram
  • Silver .900 – £0.39 per gram
  • Silver .800 – £0.35 per gram
  • Silver .500 – £0.22 per gram
  • Silver per ounce £14.45
  • Platinum .999 – £16.04 per gram
  • Platinum .950 – £15.39 per gram
  • Platinum .900 – £14.58 per gram
  • Palladium .950 – £16.49 per gram
  • Full Krugerrand – £1745.25
  • Half Krugerrand – £872.62
  • Quarter Krugerrand – £436.31
  • 1/10 Krugerrand – £174.52
  • Double Sovereigns – £821.96
  • Full Sovereigns – £410.46
  • Half Sovereigns – £205.23
  • Quarter Sovereigns – £102.36
  • Kilo gold bar – £56110.73
  • 1 Oz gold bar – £1745.24
  • 100 gram gold bar – £5611.07
  • 10 gram gold bar – £561.11
  • 1 gram bar – £56.11
  • Any other sizes – £56.11 per gram

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